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Watch players wreck Dishonored 2’s toughest challenges

The majority of Dishonored 2 players will never know the satisfaction of attaining the game’s rarest achievements, but there’s always the next best option: watching someone else do the hard work.

In videos on Twitch, YouTube, and other social media platforms, players tear through the game’s trickiest elements. First we have the little accomplishments, like figuring out how to survive a long drop and the loss of your own humanity:

Then there’s the more intricate play-style, one that takes dedication and practice. Just watch some of the players in the speedrunning community. YouTube user and Twitch streamer Cearadeth has an impressive record for completing the game as both Emily and Corvo in several Any% (anything goes) playthroughs. His Corvo run clocks in at 29 minutes and 27 seconds, while his Emily run is 29:44.

The game has a daunting number of collectibles for completionists to tackle, as well as a balance of either low or high chaos that corresponds to your body count. (This affects the end of the game, as you can see below in TheGOOD Kyle’s run.)

And then there are the players who dedicate their entire playthrough to a specific mindset. “Flesh and Steel” is an achievement that requires players to complete the game sans supernatural powers. Dishonored 2 offers the “Ghostly” achievement for completing an entire mission without being spotted, while the “Shadow” achievement is for those who can avoid detection for the entire game. An entire mission with no casualties will get you “Alternative Approach,” but to get “Clean Hands” you have to finish the entire game without killing anyone.

According to Steam’s global gameplay stats, only 2.5 percent of players have achieved “Clean Hands,” and only 2 percent for “Shadow.” “Flesh and Steel” currently sits at 0.8 percent of players. In a console version of the game, demonstrated in YouTube user CryptoJon’s video above, these are “rare” achievements marked at 1 percent completion.

And while we wait for New Game+ and custom difficulties to challenge streamers, there are plenty of players neglecting achievements and just going ham on these poor characters.