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Twitter boss was suspended from Twitter for a short time tonight

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Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey was suspended from Twitter for a short time tonight. Dorsey — who operates the account @jack — was removed from the service he runs at around 9PM ET, for reasons that weren't initially obvious, before being reinstated around 15 minutes later.

The service has been slow to suspend people for hate speech and harassment in the past, but is usually quick to remove accounts that post obscene images or videos. Speculating entirely, it could be that Dorsey was the target of a hacking attempt, and his account was taken down to preemptively halt any kind of public performance, while Twitter worked to get it back into his hands.

Dorsey addressed his brief intermission just before 11PM ET, claiming that it was the result of an "internal mistake," and making reference to his very first tweet from 2006.

Update November 22nd, 11:23PM ET: Added Dorsey's tweet referring to the situation.