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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade will be live-streamed on YouTube in 360-degree video

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Because who wants to wait in the cold

Parade (Flickr)

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in person on the streets of New York is a pretty majestic experience, but it also comes with a side of crowds, icy wind, and a whole lot of waiting around. This year, Macy’s is partnering with NBCUniversal and Verizon to add 360-degree cameras along the route of the parade so you can live stream and watch it from any angle you’d like without leaving your home.

The live stream will be hosted on YouTube and you can watch it from any compatible web browser or handheld device. Verizon will place cameras in five locations along the parade route so you can follow your favorite balloon or float as they come down.

In the run-up to the actual event, which kicks off on November 24th at 9AM ET, Macy’s is also posting 360-degree videos of behind-the-scenes studio tours where you can check out how they set up the floats, balloons, and put the whole show together. It’s not as cool as seeing the balloons being blown up in real life, but it beats waiting in the cold.