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New Ok Go music video is a beautiful, time-bending ad for salt

OK Go, the pioneer band of dancing on treadmills, has a new music video, a beautiful and bizarre mix of color and slow-mo, for its song “The One Moment.” The video was shot in 4.2 seconds and has been massively slowed down, Matrix-style, to stretch over the entire song. According to OK Go singer Damian Kulash, Jr., there are 325 events unfolding in those few seconds.

Curiously, it also doubles as an ad for Morton Salt’s “Walk Her Walk” campaign, a movement that aims to inspire positive change. The “her” in this case appears to be the young girl that is the logo for the salt company. This isn’t the first time Ok Go’s music video talents have been leveraged for unusual marketing strategies. In 2015, the band did a music video ad for Chinese furniture company Red Star Macalline, and have collaborated over the years with Google, Samsung, Russian S7 airlines, and other massive businesses with deep ad budgets.

It’s like they say: all it takes to make a band is a song, a guitar, and an international corporate sponsor.

OK Go - The One Moment - Official Video

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy our new video for "The One Moment." A million thanks to our partners at Morton Salt #WalkHerWalk.

Posted by OK Go on Wednesday, November 23, 2016