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Spotify’s collaborative playlists will test your family’s togetherness this Thanksgiving

Everybody gets their say on the soundtrack

Spotify and Sonos have gotten together for a little holiday promotion they’re calling Playlist Potluck. It lets a host create a Spotify playlist they can share via email, and anyone who’s invited can add their own track. The theme is friendship, family, and togetherness.

I would wager that the chances of my extended family putting together a coherent and enjoyable playlist are about as good as the odds we can talk politics without someone throwing mash potatoes.

This seems like a much better option for the Friendsgiving brunch happening over the weekend. Put a bunch of like-minded hipster dads together around a table of leftovers and let the mellow middle-aged tunes flow. Really aids in the digestion.

Yesterday I asked two co-workers and heavy Spotify users if they had ever heard of collaborative playlists on Spotify and both drew a blank. But collaborative playlists aren’t actually a new feature, just one that has mostly flown under the radar, now with fancy new wrapping.

Where does Sonos fit into all this? The connected speaker maker is giving away some hardware and a fancy dinner for 10, cooked in-person by a notable chef. You enter the contest by registering to create a Potluck Playlist. Winners aren’t announced until January, so you’re still on your own with the turkey tomorrow.