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Google discounts Chromecast, Pixel, and Google Home for Black Friday 2016

Google discounts Chromecast, Pixel, and Google Home for Black Friday 2016


Here’s the best deals on Google gadgets

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Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Google is well on its way from being a company synonymous with search and the web to a brand name well known for its hardware products. We’re all familiar with the Chromecast name; the streaming stick has been Google’s Trojan horse into the living room, selling millions of units and establishing the search giant’s software as a viable media nexus. Now, there’s the Google Home smart speaker to compete with Amazon’s Echo, as well the company’s new flagship Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones.

All of these products are on sale for Black Friday this week, and you can pick them up on discount from a number of different retailers. Verizon is only the authorized Pixel and Pixel XL seller in the US, besides the Play Store. So phone deals are contingent on joining Verizon’s network, or already being a part of it. For Home and Chromecast, you’ll be able to shop around at a few different places.

Here’s where to start when it comes to picking up Google gadgets starting tomorrow. And be sure to check out our other deal roundups at The Verge’s Black Friday hub.

Google Home

Pixel and Pixel XL (Verizon only)

  • Google Pixel or Pixel XL with 32GB of storage for $240 and Pixel or Pixel XL with 128GB of storage for $360 (The catch: you have to pay $649.99 up front; the difference will be deducted from your wireless bill month to month over the next two years)
  • Get the Pixel 32GB for $10 a month or the Pixel 128GB for just $15 a month (valid only November 24th and November 25th)
  • Save $200 on Pixel and Pixel XL when switching to Verizon or adding a line to an existing account (valid only November 24th to November 27th; valid for any Android smartphone priced $400 or higher)
  • Save $100 on Pixel or Pixel XL when upgrading as a current customer (valid for any Android smartphone $400 or higher)


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