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New trailers: Martin Scorsese’s passion project, a young Barack Obama, and more

New trailers: Martin Scorsese’s passion project, a young Barack Obama, and more


All the shows and movies you should be looking out for

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Barry movie production still
Linda Kallerus / Netflix

Hey everyone, I just got back from seeing The Edge of Seventeen, which was every bit as sharp, smart, and funny as its trailer let on.

So many high school movies seem to exist in a weird fantasy world where, even amid the drama, its characters are having a good time — but The Edge of Seventeen doesn’t. It’s main character gets to be quick and funny, but it also makes her truly isolated and lost in a way that so few teen films actually make their stars. It conveys an uncomfortable and frustrating experience that I suspect a lot of people will identify with.

That’s my recommendation for what to see this weekend, but we also have this handy guide if you’re looking for something else to see with your family in between shopping.

Check out nine trailers from this week below.


It's not really a question whether Fences is going to be any good: Denzel Washington and Viola Davis are already award winners for playing these roles on Broadway, and it looks like they haven't missed a beat bringing that work to the screen. The film is out Christmas Day.

Cars 3

Cars has always been an outlier among Pixar's roster of hits, focusing a little too much on goofy adventure and fun and never quite tapping that tear-jerking emotional vein the studio's other films manage to hit. So it's surprising to see the first trailer for Cars 3 be… this. It's unexpected and surprisingly scary. It may actually be interesting to see what comes next. The film comes out June 16th.


Silence is like Taken in reverse, with Liam Neeson gone missing and others trying to track him down. Seriously though, Silence looks like a fascinating film — it's the latest from Martin Scorsese, and it's apparently one he'd been trying to make for decades. It's out on Christmas Day.


Netflix's next movie turns Barack Obama's time at Columbia into a coming-of-age drama that shows him developing the perspectives and talents that would later propel him to the presidency. Barry has gotten good reviews out of festivals so far, and given how much a lot of us are going to be missing Obama soon, it's easy to see why Netflix wanted to pick this one up. It's out on December 16th.

When We Rise

When We Rise is an eight-episode miniseries from Dustin Lance Black, the writer behind Milk, telling the history of the gay rights movement through the stories of a diverse cast of characters in the LGBTQ community. This trailer's worth paying attention to for the powerful subject and the fantastic cast behind it (it’s also the latest project giving a nod to Leonard Cohen this month). It starts in February.


Girls is ending next year and I already don't know what to do with myself. The series starts up again February 12th.


Attraction comes from Russian director Fedor Bondarchuk, who Deadline reports set a box-office record in his home country with his 2013 film Stalingrad. Bondarchuk's latest is an alien invasion film with a lot of shiny CG effects, but also with some pretty interesting aliens who are a bit unlike what you're used to seeing — it was enough to grab my attention. It'll be out in Russia on January 26th.

Emerald City

NBC has a new spin on The Wizard of Oz that's basically completely insane. It's like if you took the weirdo Return to Oz and mashed it up with Game of Thrones, and also Tarsem Singh is directing it for some reason. I can't underscore how weird this is, except maybe to say that at some point in this trailer, someone in Oz definitely has an Apple earbud dangling from their ear, and I'm not sure if it's supposed to be there or not. The series starts January 6th.


Based on this trailer, Passengers seems to be what would happen if you mashed up every great space sci-fi film ever, slammed a Michael Bay filter on it, and cast the two most bankable beautiful actors in starring roles. I'm very intrigued, but I'm also very skeptical. It'll be out December 21st.