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Wes Anderson directed a Christmas commercial for H&M and it is great

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It’s a holiday miracle

You probably know filmmaker Wes Anderson from his meticulous, quirky, and outrageously charming movies like Rushmore, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. What you may not know is that he’s also brought his unmistakeable style to the world of commercials for years, and this holiday season he’s made a short film for clothing retailer H&M.

In “Come Together,” Adrian Brody plays a conductor on the H&M Lines Winter Express railroad, who has to inform his passengers that due to unexpected delays the train won’t make it to its destination on time, effectively causing everyone onboard to miss Christmas. But the conductor has some ideas that could make the situation a little brighter for everyone.

I’m softie as it is, so it doesn’t take a lot to get me emotional when it comes to the holidays and notions of family and friends, but in just under four minutes Anderson and Brody are able to push all the right buttons. Yes, there’s various pieces of H&M branding tucked inside the short at discrete moments, but let’s forget about the cynicism for now, and just focus on a sweet story told with style.