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Wow, Dishonored 2 sure does have a lot of ways to kill this one guy

Dishonored 2’s “grand inventor” Kirin Jindosh is a blowhard at best, a bringer of death at worst. The Clockwork Soldiers inventor is a nuisance for leads Emily and Corvo either way. In the game’s “The Clockwork Mansion” mission, regardless of which hero you play, you’re charged with eliminating the threat posed by Jindosh.

How you want to do this is up to you, whether that means by peaceful methods or a more lethal option. As YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian demonstrates, there’s certainly no shortage of deadly ways to accomplish this task. Cosmic Contrarian’s video, “80 Ways To Kill Jindosh,” has a few ideas to get you started.

It makes me feel unhinged to admit this, but watching this same guy die over and over again is strangely soothing. Maybe it’s the Johann Strauss soundtrack.