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Lyft now shows your fare before you ride, just like Uber

Lyft will now inform riders of the total cost of their ride before booking, adopting the same “upfront fare” scheme that Uber did earlier this year.

It allows riders to see how much their ride will cost, with fees, taxes, tolls, and Prime Time (Lyft’s version of Uber’s surge pricing) charges rolled in. However, it’s not exactly fixed pricing. Lyft notes that if riders change their destination en route, or if the ride takes more or less time than expected, the price will change.

Uber and Lyft both use similar language to describe their upfront fare features, noting that it will result in “no math” and “no surprises.” As a side effect, surge pricing and Prime Time charges, as well as fees and taxes, are more hidden from users with upfront pricing.

The new upfront fare feature is available now in select US cities and it will expand to more over the next few months.