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PowerPoint for Windows now supports collaborative editing

PowerPoint for Windows now supports collaborative editing

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Microsoft is making it easier to work with others on your next PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint app on Windows now supports collaborative editing, allowing two or more people to jump into a document at once and make edits and comments that are seen by the entire group. This is something people have been able to do with PowerPoint Online for years, but Microsoft opens it up to a much larger group of users by enabling it in the desktop app, too.

Collaborative editing has been in the works for the entire Office suite for a while now, with Word first getting support just over a year ago. Microsoft said at the time that collaborative editing would come to PowerPoint and Excel in "the near future;" obviously the timing wasn't quite right, but the first of those two has now arrived. Given that one of the the biggest strengths of Google Docs — Microsoft's strongest productivity competitor — has been its longtime support for collaborative editing features, rolling this out everywhere it can is a key part of helping the Office suite match up.