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A Canadian town is threatening drunk drivers with Nickelback torture

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But only for people on the naughty list

The small Canadian town of Kensington on Prince Edward Island has found a special way of deterring drunk driving this holiday season — and we can all learn a lesson or two from the process. In a recent Facebook post seen by Consequence of Sound, the town police announced that drivers arrested while intoxicated will be fined, suspended, and forced to listen to Nickelback’s classic 2001 LP Silver Side Up. This is How You Remind them how to not drink and drive.

Here’s the full statement from the Kensington Police Force:

This isn’t so much a warning as a threat, and it’s an effective one. Had a little too much wine at the Christmas party? Chad Kroeger and crew aren’t Far Away. Dipped into the cider before heading home? Too Bad, friend, it’s Good Times Gone for you.

Am I having entirely too much fun with this? Yes! But any longtime reader of The Verge knows by now that the prospect of hapless drunks being Nickelrolled by law enforcement forced to ride the Coca-Cola Rolla Coasta gives me literally all the joy.

The bottom line is, don’t drink and drive this year, because Santa Chad is coming for you.