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Sony launches Communities smartphone app to help you find PS4 friends

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Sony has launched a new PlayStation Communities app for iOS and Android, allowing players to search for, join, and interact with groups of likeminded PS4 gamers from their smartphones. Communities can be used to find players of specific games, and work like forums, letting members post messages and images on the community wall. Members can also chat and join parties together to play multiplayer games.

The new app is the third piece of standalone mobile software Sony has released to complement its PlayStation 4 console, after the core PlayStation app in 2013, and a dedicated PlayStation Messages app last year.

Contrast this with Microsoft’s Xbox One effort, which keeps these communicative tools inside the console’s OS, and Sony’s app-heavy approach seems unnecessary — but so far these apps have made chatting on PS4 easier, not harder. As a longtime Destiny player, both the base PlayStation app and the PlayStation Messages app have become some of my most used apps on my phone, both making coordinating raids and tapping out messages much faster than using my console’s UI and controller.