Done with Windows Laptops- Which Chromebook Should I Buy?



I've had it with Windows on laptops. Currently I own a non-touchscreen Dell XPS13, i5. I've had it for a little over a year. It's the best Windows laptop I've ever owned . . . and it's still pretty bad. I'm not doing anything complicated on the thing - 90% of what I do, I do in Chrome (extensive email, GoogleDocs, WordPress) and I very occasionally run Photoshop or Dreamweaver. I have nothing else loaded on the computer in terms of apps or utilities. I don't game and don't watch any video on this device.

I run into all kinds of issues. Battery life is sporadic at best. On good days I might see 6-8 hrs (I would see 9 when I first bought it, but that didn't last for more than a few months) and there are times when I only get 4 hours out of the thing. The laptop heats up, and sometimes the fan will run non-stop for hours.

I've used my son's Toshiba Chromebook 2 several times and am always amazed at how fast it wakes from sleep - the XPS 13 takes anywhere from 20-40 seconds to get me into a Chrome browser window (heaven help me if I have to restart the thing).

Updates have gotten better on Windows, but they're still not good. It's supposed to restart during down time, but I've had several occasions where I'll pick up my computer at an odd hour to do some work and it will be in the middle of updating. I can look forward to a 5-10 minute wait for the thing to get up and running again.

I have a heavy duty Windows desktop in my office that I can remote in to if I need to do something with Adobe CC or some other heavy lifting, but, as I said, I'm mostly using Chrome, so it seems like I should be using a device that's optimized for it.

Which Chromebook Should I Buy?

So now the question is, which Chromebook should I buy? I want something with a great screen, great build quality, great battery life and a great keyboard. I don't really care about a touchscreen (I know Android apps are coming, but I'm mostly using this computer to type and browse, so it's not a priority). I also don't care about having a convertible or flipping the screen around.

If the Chromebook Pixel were still available I would buy it. Should I buy a used Pixel? Is there another Chromebook that you would recommend instead?

Any input appreciated.