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Don’t invite Toad to your holiday party

Don’t invite Toad to your holiday party


Show us what’s under yer hat, TOAD

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Oh, Nintendo of America. You sweet summer child. I really appreciate your efforts for a cute Toad-centric Twitter question sesh to celebrate another Mario Party game, but things have taken a dark turn. As if you were the second coming of Andrew WK, you solicited fans for questions about parties. But your request has been manipulated into something else. Fans are going straight for the deep stuff; the hard, prying, existential questions that we all ask ourselves deep in the pits of despair.

Come to think of it, this actually sounds like a lot of parties I end up at.

(Oh wait, I think we have an answer for this one.)

OK, back to our questions.

Well, this rapidly spiraled. Maybe once Toad starts answering it’ll —

Ah. Well, nevermind.

Sorry, buddy. I’m sure you have friends. But first, can you answer this question?