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You can play the NES Classic wirelessly with this tiny adaptor

You can play the NES Classic wirelessly with this tiny adaptor


8bitdo’s latest Retro Receiver is shipping in December

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NES Classic Edition Retro Receiver wireless adaptor

The biggest problem with the NES Classic Edition — besides it being sold out everywhere — is that the tiny console’s wired controllers are far too short, making it a challenge to play in most living rooms. There are a few solutions already on the market, but 8bitdo’s new NES30 Classic Edition Set might just be the best and most flexible so far.

The set includes two main parts. First, there’s an NES Classic version of the company’s Retro Receiver, essentially a Bluetooth adaptor that makes it possible to use a range of wireless controllers with the console. (Versions of the Retro Receiver are also available for the original NES and SNES hardware.) The adaptor is compatible with the Wii remote and Wii U Pro controller, the Dual Shock 3 and 4, and any wireless controller made by 8bitdo, which offers a number of excellent retro-style gamepad options. This means that, if you want, you can play 30-year-old games with a PS4 controller.

NES Classic Edition Retro Receiver wireless adaptor

But for that real old-school feel, the set also includes a wireless replica NES controller called the NES30, that features an estimated 20 hours of battery life. In addition to the NES Classic, you can also use the controller to play games wirelessly on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

The controller and adaptor are available to preorder right now from Amazon. The set will cost you $39.99, and 8bitdo estimates units will start shipping on December 16th.

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