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First Click: Do you OK Google or Hey Siri in public?

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November 4th, 2016

Earlier this week I wrote about the embarrassment that often comes with being an early adopter. In 2016, this is probably best illustrated by the way we use voice assistants. While many of us are fine shouting "OK Google" or "Alexa" or "Hey Siri" in the privacy of our homes, few are willing to do the same in public.

A Creative Strategies study from June showed that of those people that use voice assistants, only 6 percent were willing to use them in public. Digging deeper, only 3 percent of iPhone users used Siri in public, while 12 percent of Android users were willing to OK Google in public. A split I find intriguing.

So dear reader, as a bleeding-edge user of Google and Apple technologies, what’s your take? Do you use your voice assistants in public?