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Sony's new coloring book lets you take crayons to PlayStation mascots

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It usually takes years toiling away with 3D modeling programs at development studios before you can redesign some of video gaming's biggest names, but thanks to Sony's new PlayStation coloring book, you can make a stab at it with some crayons and a bit of creativity. The Art for the Players book, available now from Amazon UK, has line drawings of Uncharted's Nathan Drake, God of War Kratos, and Sackboy from Little Big Planet, alongside other memorable PlayStation mascots and characters, each crying out for a splash of color.

For the £10 price tag you might feel a little short-changed with the 16 games’ drawings on offer here, but the book does let you give Kratos his bushy dad-beard, and allow you to turn Bloodborne's dark and viscera-soaked world into a colorful wonderland. The alternative is learning how to program, joining a development studio at a junior level, and then working your way up with a decade of late nights and deadlines until you're in a position to slightly tweak the colors on Nathan Drake's T-shirt — a night of relaxing adult coloring is much easier.