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Finally, a jacket for your legs (not pants)

Finally, a jacket for your legs (not pants)

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The Legs Jacket

Pants = 3,000 years old. Boring as heck.

The Legs Jacket: A jacket for your legs.

Like pants, but not. Better than pants.


legs jacket

Instructions: “Zip it like a regular jacket but on your legs.”

The Legs Jacket.

Fully funded on Kickstarter?

“No one should have to avoid going out because of something as minor as a little bit of rain.”

Finally, two layers for your legs.

Rain is for suckers.

“Keep your pants dry!”


legs jacket

The Legs Jacket is “packed with different features” like two holes for legs, and dryness.

Shoe coat:

Retail price: $299.

Ships February 2017.

Oh shit:

legs jacket