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In the final days of the campaign, Trump's aides have taken away his Twitter privileges

In the final days of the campaign, Trump's aides have taken away his Twitter privileges



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As the 2016 election enters the home stretch this weekend, each candidate is working to make their final plea to the electorate by honing their respective messages. In a profile published by The New York Times, it seems that Donald Trump has relinquished the outlet for which he is best known, and which is most likely to land him in trouble: Twitter.

Over the course of the campaign, Trump has become known for his Twitter rants and statements, which have caused controversy more than once. As his campaign works to catch up with Hillary Clinton’s narrow lead, it seems that the candidate’s aides have been able to take control of his Twitter account.

The result, the Times notes, has been "robbing Hillary Clinton of her most potent weapon: Mr. Trump’s self-sabotaging eruptions, which have repeatedly undermined his candidacy." The profile shows a candidate who is unaccustomed to giving up control, and who frequently ignores the advice of his advisors. With that in mind, Trump relinquishing control of this account is nothing short of remarkable.

Multiple people handle the account, but it seems that the tweets coming directly from Trump himself can be identified as coming from his Samsung Galaxy smartphone, which are tagged as originating from Twitter for Android. In February, Trump advocated for a boycott of Apple products following the company’s refusal to create a backdoor into the phone.

The last tweet on Trump’s account sent from an Android phone was on Saturday morning:

Since then, Trump’s tweets have been sent from an iPhone, which is in line with previous tweets sent out by his aides. The account has since been inviting supporters to come to rallies and sharing articles supportive of the candidate. The shift presents a new, managed tone for the account.

The last week has seen Trump’s campaign make up some ground in light of a renewed examination of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Now that the FBI has announced that they will not bring charges against Clinton, taking away Trump’s Twitter account might be the only way to keep him on message.