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A limited edition New Nintendo 3DS will be just $99.99 on Black Friday

Black or white?

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New Nintendo 3DS

The New Nintendo 3DS is getting its cheapest price yet on Black Friday.

Nintendo will be releasing two new limited edition versions of the handheld — one black, one white — which will both be available on November 25th for $99.99. That makes it just slightly more expensive than the $79.99 Nintendo 2DS, which is missing features like glasses-free 3D visuals, and half the price of the larger New Nintendo 3DS XL. Both of the new limited edition variants feature a slick and subtle Mushroom Kingdom print.

New Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo’s focus may be shifting to the upcoming Switch handheld / console hybrid, but now is a good time to grab a 3DS if you haven’t yet. The much-anticipated Pokémon Sun and Moon launch on November 18th, while a new handheld version of Super Mario Maker is due out on December 2nd.

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