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Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer is heavy on the spectacle

Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer is heavy on the spectacle

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BioWare has released a new trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, the next entry in its super-successful sci-fi series, due out on consoles and PC early next year. We've seen teasers for Andromeda before, but this new minute and a half trailer gives us our first good look at the game itself, showing players what they'll be doing in another galaxy.

The new trailer comes as Mass Effect fans around the world celebrate N7 Day, a BioWare-endorsed event that takes place annually on November 7th, and refers to the series' previous main character Shepard's military designation. We won't get to play as Shepard again in Andromeda, the starring role instead being filled by two characters - siblings by the family name of Ryder. As with previous Mass Effects, that means players will be able to select a male or female protagonist to guide a ragtag crew of characters through a brand new galaxy.

Earlier footage of the new game had been used as a demonstration for the capabilities of the PS4 Pro, the clip showing a focus on exploration as a male Ryder scooted his way around an alien cavern. The new trailer does indicate BioWare will be injecting Andromeda with plenty of the story we've come to expect from the RPG developer. We'll find out more soon as Mass Effect: Andromeda flies closer to a Spring 2017 release.