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The voice of AOL’s iconic ‘you’ve got mail’ has a side gig driving Ubers

The voice of AOL’s iconic ‘you’ve got mail’ has a side gig driving Ubers


Be on the lookout, Ohio

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Cleveland, Ohio’s squad of Uber drivers includes a minor celebrity for those of us who grew up using AOL: Elwood Edwards, the voice behind “you’ve got mail!”

This weekend, former Facebook PR head and The Pramana Collective co-founder Brandee Barker took a $6.21 UberX ride with Edwards. She posted this video of him giving a repeat performance:

Barker told The Verge that she was in town from San Francisco to visit Hillary Clinton’s office in Shaker Square.

“We didn't discuss how long he had been driving, but I assumed it was a side job and one he enjoyed to meet and talk with people,” she said. “He told me he was a news editor at the NBC affiliate in Cleveland. And then he offered up that I may recognize his voice as the “You've Got Mail” — he said he was paid $200 for the voiceover. I completely geek freaked and asked if he would do the video.

“Needless to say Elwood got a five-star Uber rating from me.”

We’ve reached out to Edwards for comment and will update accordingly. He currently works at a news station in Ohio, WKYC-TV, though he’s been profiled as news himself many times before. As the story goes, his wife was a customer service rep in 1989 at the soon-to-be America Online; she volunteered him for the job.