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Microsoft has reportedly canceled its ‘Xbox TV’ devices

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Microsoft was expected to unveil at least one Xbox streaming device earlier this year, but the company may have canceled its plans altogether. Brad Sams, executive editor at Petri, originally claimed the devices would be unveiled at E3 in June, but Microsoft launched an Xbox One S console and detailed its Project Scorpio plans instead.

Windows Central reports that Microsoft canceled its plans to launch an Xbox TV streaming device, leading to an order for 300,000 units to be pulled. The device was reportedly a streaming stick that would debut with a $99 price point, and codenamed Project Hobart. It's not clear what led Microsoft to cancel its plans, but the software giant has previously shelved devices at the last minute. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reportedly canceled the Surface Mini just weeks before it was supposed to debut at an event in New York City. Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 3 instead, with no mention of a Surface Mini.

Microsoft was also reportedly planning to introduce its own Alexa device during its Surface Studio event last month. Windows Central originally reported that Microsoft had an Amazon Echo competitor ready to unveil on October 26th, with Cortana built-in. Microsoft never unveiled such a device, leading to some speculating that the company canceled its plans. Microsoft has also canceled its hardware efforts with the wearable Band accessory recently.