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Snapchat's new update animates our boring reality

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Snapchat updated its iOS app today to include a new type of filter called “World Lenses,” as well as support for the company’s yet-to-be-released AR video camera glasses, Spectacles. This update is exciting because it essentially lets you have a fever dream wherever you are. As you probably know, lenses are what Snapchat calls its filters that let you face swap with a friend or turn your face into a puppy dog. World Lenses apply a filter to the world around you. The update comes with seven lens options, including one that overlays hearts and one that makes it look like it’s snowing inside. Here are some examples, including two that feature our lovely copy editor, Kara:

Hearts and snow! These new lenses were clearly designed for Spectacles, which will let wearers capture and digitally modify the world around them. We don’t have a release date for the glasses, but today’s update also added a settings page for pairing Spectacles with the app. Given that this update is out and the holiday season is upon us, Spectacles can’t be too far off. I hope, at least.