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You can ride a Tron light cycle in GTA Online

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Motorcycles are a big part of GTA Online, and now the multiplayer game is getting possibly the coolest bike ever: a Tron-style light cycle.

Like everything else in the game, it’s not an officially licensed addition — Rockstar calls the bike a Nagasaki Shotaro — but the resemblance is pretty clear. Along with the futuristic bike comes a new mode that itself feels ripped straight out of Tron. Called “Deadline,” the mode has four players up against each other, each riding a different-colored light cycle. Just like in Tron, riders will leave a colored trail behind them, and if an opponent hits your trail, they’ll explode.

In order to unlock the ability to purchase a Shotaro bike, you’ll first need to play a round of “Deadline,” which is available in GTA Online starting today.

GTA Online
GTA Online