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The ‘I Voted’ pets are cute and filthy liars

Photo by Sean O’Kane

It’s Election Day, which means your social feeds are likely clogged with the most political of selfies: the “I Voted” selfie. This rare format is, of course, a selfie taken with the “I Voted” sticker given to adults who fulfill their civic duty on Election Day.

Our favorite version of “I Voted” selfie isn’t really a selfie at all — it’s the now ubiquitous “I Voted” pet picture. Look at these good puppers who understand the importance of democracy (or at the least the importance of staying still for a front-facing camera)!

They are very cute! They are also liars! Dogs (and cats) cannot vote. But we’ll let it slide this time.

Mercifully, @darth on Twitter is tweeting these out en masse for our Election Day relief. The cats don’t seem as keen on this election, but really, who can blame them?

Shoko is proud that I voted. Don't disappoint her!

A photo posted by Kwame Opam (@kwames) on

Ghost may not be ready for the patriarchy to be over but this girl is. #imwithher

A photo posted by Kaitlyn Tiffany (@kait_tiffany) on

This cat is all of us right now.

Note: We do recommend you share your pet pics with us. We do not recommend you put a sticky sticker on an animal’s soft fur. Be nice to your pets, people.

Gif cuteness courtesy of Sean O’Kane’s dog, Moose