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Skype Insiders Program lets iOS, Android, and Mac users test new features

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Microsoft is launching a new program to allow Skype users to test new features before they're rolled out to everyone. Dubbed Skype Insiders Program, the new feedback program launches today just hours after Microsoft also opened its Xbox Insider Program to the public. Skype users can sign-up to access early features and service improvements, and Microsoft says it will help the company "iron out any quirks before we release them broadly."

Skype users will be able to test the new versions of software for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows alongside existing stable versions. Microsoft has already started testing out new versions for iOS, Android, and Mac, with the iOS and Android versions mostly including bug fixes. A beta version of the Skype for Mac client includes emoticon search, and tweaks to options for call forwarding and voicemail. Microsoft is still testing its Skype universal app for Windows 10 through the main Windows Insider Program, but you'll be able to get access to any desktop app changes through the Skype Insiders Program.