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Sad Trump cake is the perfect meme to end his campaign

Is this our final election meme?

Photo by Jason Volack on Twitter

This election cycle has granted us some of our favorite memes of any presidential race, and it seems it still has more to give. Today, ABC news national assignment editor Jason Volack tweeted a photo of a cake being taken into Trump Tower like a Game of Thrones character on a walk of shame.

Twitter quickly descended on the image in a glorious swan song to Trump’s awful campaign. The hashtag #TrumpCake is now full of gems like the following:

The Boston Globe has a heartbreaking interview with the cake creator, Melissa Alt, who told the publication she was “trying to capture Trump in the images I took of him from the Internet, and just worked from them.” In a separate interview with Inverse, Alt said that Trump was not aware of the cake, which weighs about 40 pounds, but that it was a surprise.

To be fair, it’s not that Alt’s recreation is bad. It just looks so very sad, especially sitting next to the Hillary Clinton cake she created as well. You decide: which pile of sugar looks more presidential?