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The production company behind Her and American Hustle is now publishing indie games

Including new titles from the creators of Katamari and Monument Valley

Annapurna Pictures — a film production company behind the likes of Her, Zero Dark Thirty, Spring Breakers, and more recently Sausage Party — is expanding beyond movies with a new video game publishing arm. Called Annapurna Interactive, the division will be focused on “developing personal, emotional, and original games that push the boundaries of interactive content and encourage artists to bring new visions to the medium,” according to the company.


The first two games to be released under the new label will be the haunting adventure What Remains of Edith Finch from Giant Sparrow, the studio behind The Unfinished Swan, and a mysterious puzzle game called Gorogoa from Jason Roberts. Annapurna is also working with several other notable creators as well. Though no specific titles have been announced, the company says that it’s working on new games with Katamari creator Keita Takahashi, as well as Monument Valley lead designer Ken Wong, who recently started his own game studio.

Annapurna joins a slowly growing list of entertainment companies making a push into indie game publishing. Earlier this year Skybound — the film, TV, and comic production company from Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman — took on a similar publisher-like role for several notable indie titles including Oxenfree. “We want to empower artists across this medium to make Annapurna Interactive their home,” says company founder and CEO Megan Ellison, “and I believe we’ve assembled the perfect team to make that happen."