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Dear Final Fantasy XV boys: wear your damn seat belts

Dear Final Fantasy XV boys: wear your damn seat belts


Oh my god get OFF the trunk while we’re moving

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Final Fantasy XV, I have a problem with your car.

Don’t get me wrong. The Regalia is a fine-looking ride for any prince and his band of leather-clad bros. I really appreciate its customizable looks, from decals to detailing. I adore filling my glove compartment with Final Fantasy albums for those long road trips. But, seriously, where are its seat belts?

There’s nothing I love more than watching these sweet soft boys head out on a road trip. What I do not enjoy is watching cocky little Noctis clamber up on the back of the convertible, legs splayed, as he showboats for every passing car and cactuar.

Okay, I lied a little. I do enjoy hitting the brakes and watching everyone pitch forward, like so:

It’s not just your broody, bad boy prince, either. Prompto gets a little fidgety during rides. He’s constantly wiggling around, or snapping pics, or blatantly disregarding all traffic or safety laws to get more face time with his friends.

I feel you, Prompto. I too get bored easily on long trips. But I worry about what will happen to you if Ignis gets distracted thinking about recipes and plows into a chocobo crossing the road. What about when Noctis is driving at night, and a level 30 daemon materializes in the middle of the road because no one cares about Ignis’ warnings? What about me, your trickster player-god, who loves to drive real fast and then hit the brakes for lulz?

I could go on, but many people on Twitter have voiced these concerns more eloquently than I ever could.

Alright, so clearly Final Fantasy XV has measures in place, seat belts or not, that won’t let any of our favorite babes go flying hair-first through the Regalia windshield. But still, could someone give these dudes a ticket? A sharp scolding?

I’m looking at you, Ignis. You’re wearing driving gloves, for god’s sake.