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How might one live in this endless digital hallway of Jake Gyllenhaal photos?

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And does anyone have a barf bucket?


When you least expect it, the internet will provide. Today it has done so in the form of a “Gyllenhall” — a never-ending hallway covered in photos of Jake Gyllenhaal, down which the Brokeback Mountain line “I wish I knew how to quit you,” echoes for all eternity.

The included photos of Jake Gyllenhaal range from photos of Jake looking incredible in a sweater, to photos of Jake looking incredible in a beard, to photos of Jake looking incredible in a white T-shirt, to photos of Jake looking incredible in extreme close-up so you can’t really tell what clothes he’s wearing or whether he’s wearing a beard. Fantastic choices, all.

Brought to my attention by A.V. Club’s “Great job internet!” blog, the Gyllenhall is the best thing that has happened to me in 10 months at least, despite the fact that staring at it for 20 minutes has made me physically ill. It’s not because the photos of Jake Gyllenhaal aren’t beautiful — it’s because I have bad eyesight and focusing on moving images on a screen hurts my peepers! If someone can come up with a solution to this, I’d love to hear it so that I can more practically consider taking up residence in this hallway for life.

The site, created by digital artist Paul Feldmann and writer Zack Johnson, is deserving of a poem. Here is one.

hard to believe

how many times

The Verge Dot Com

has permitted



to blog


J a k e

Jake G, specifically

hard to imagine

how many


to blog about Jake


that Kaitlyn has left this the last?

if so...



and goodbye