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Tiny Wings update adds more levels, iPhone 6 resolution, Apple TV app

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Honestly, I did not see this one coming

Tiny Wings iPhone

In some of the most unexpected App Store news of the year, Tiny Wings — the classic iPhone game originally released in 2011 — has been updated, with new levels and support for the larger resolutions of Apple's newer iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screens.

Additionally, developer Andreas Illiger announced a separate $2.99 Apple TV version of the game, Tiny Wings TV, that's also out today. It allows for the same iconic hill-sliding gameplay on a larger screen. It also permits two-player split-screen, using an iPhone as a second controller. The Apple TV version also syncs progress with the iOS app, so you won’t need to clear the challenges a second time.

Some context: Tiny Wings is one of the single greatest games ever released for the iPhone, ranking up there with titles like Angry Birds. Developed solely by Illiger, it's an amazingly fun game that still holds up today, even though it came out more than five years ago. And while it looked like the game was being abandoned to quietly age to obsolescence, today's update brings new life to the game's future. This is only the third time the game has been updated — several new levels were added in August 2014, and an update added iPhone 5 support from back in October 2012.

Here's hoping we won't be waiting until 2018 for the next one. In the meantime, I know what I'll be playing on my commute home.