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Hubble’s space-themed holiday cards are perfect for the relatives you hate

Hubble’s space-themed holiday cards are perfect for the relatives you hate


So many ways to throw shade

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The holidays are a minefield of social obligation. It’s hard to balance the need to get everyone a gift with the need to throw shade at the most annoying relatives. Luckily, the beloved Hubble Space Telescope is here to help. Hubble is offering free holiday cards (some beautiful, some strange) that you can print and give to the people you know and occasionally love.

But there are so many options, how to choose who gets what? Here are five suggestions:

This is for Uncle Luke, who started doing LSD in the ‘60s and clearly never stopped.


Cousin Alice is still obsessed with The Hunger Games and this year asked for a bow and arrow, but nobody’s got the money for that. This Mockingjay-style card might be an okay consolation prize. (Just don’t tell her it’s actually a shot of Mars from 2003, taken during the planet’s closest approach to Earth in 60,000 years.)

This beauty is the perfect obligatory card for your least favorite and most uptight relative. Nothing says “passive-aggressive” like a card with “peace” printed on a picture of the Sombrero Galaxy — or as anyone else would see it, a giant Frisbee of dust.

Nobody in your family really likes Christmas trees, but your dad insists on dragging everyone out to the freezing Christmas tree farm every year to spend hours picking one. This card is in his honor. The tree is made of stars from the Sagittarius Star Cloud. Those stars are still alive. You know what’s not? The Christmas tree on December 26th.

One of these four images is not like the others. Therefore, this is perfect for the black sheep of the family.