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Bethesda unveils new Prey gameplay footage at The Game Awards

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Bethesda showed off new gameplay footage of the upcoming Prey reboot tonight at The 2016 Game Awards. The new trailer shows off some of the various weapons and abilities protagonist Morgan Yu will be wielding against the amorphous black goo creatures he or she will be facing. Additionally, a longer, nine-minute look at more Prey gameplay can be seen at Game Informer.

The Prey reboot was announced at E3 this year as a reimagining of the series after the release of the original Prey back in 2006. The game tells the story of Morgan Yu, a test subject on the Talos I space station in the far-flung future of 2032 as they battle the mysterious aliens that have overrun the station. Naturally, there is a conspiracy involved.

Prey is being developed by Arkane Studios, who are coming off the heels of the recently released Dishonored 2, and is expected to come out sometime in 2017.