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There’s now a NASA GIF for every feel you ever have

There’s now a NASA GIF for every feel you ever have


Sometimes a black hole just really sums it all up

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This week, NASA continued its spread into the social media sphere by announcing two new accounts — one on Giphy and one on Pinterest. Seeing as how I had forgotten of Pinterest’s existence, half of this announcement matters very little to me. But the other half is very critical to my interests!

It’s a brilliant move on NASA’s part, because sometimes astronauts, rockets, and artistic renderings of space are the only ways to truly express your feels. And as someone who writes about space and who communicates primarily with moving images that last just a few seconds in length, a NASA Giphy account is basically an entire dictionary for me. Plus, I haven’t yet mastered making my own GIFs with GIF Brewery, so this makes life a whole lot easier.

Here are a few examples of ways to express your feels with NASA GIFs, submitted to you by The Verge staff.

TFW he calls to cancel 10 minutes before your date. — Lizzie Plaugic

That post-burrito feeling. — Rachel Becker

TFW the claw game is rigged but you really want that stuffed Pikachu. — Chris Plante

TFW you finally find 2016's weak spot. — Sean O’Kane

Ah yes, my last hookup. — Megan Farokhmanesh

Oh no, this one, too. — Megan Farokhmanesh

TFW your group successfully figures out how to split the dinner bill. — Angela Chen

TFW someone touches your stomach after you just ate. — Loren Grush

TFW the weed brownie kicks in. — Elizabeth Lopatto