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New trailers: Spider-Man, Transformers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more

New trailers: Spider-Man, Transformers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more

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Lady MacBeth still
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I usually use this space to write a little something about what I've been watching lately, but this week I kind of just want to ask: why on Earth did every movie studio suddenly decide to release a trailer for its biggest upcoming films? This week has been filled with blockbuster after blockbuster.

My best guess is that studios are preparing for the holidays, when plenty of people will be headed to theaters with their families. It’s prime time to prime people for the big and flashy spring and summer movies that are meant to draw huge crowds.

So if you're used to just looking at the top three trailers of the week... don't do that this time because nearly all of these are for enormous blockbuster films. Check out 11 from this week below.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

We have every reason to be skeptical of another Spider-Man movie... except that this one is (mostly) made by Marvel, and it looks different from all the others, and it actually seems to be funny and fun. This is the first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, and the tone it sets is pretty wonderful — as though we're in for a strange high school movie more than a super hero flick. It'll be out July 7th.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 

They might not be as big as The Avengers, but Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy always seem to be having a lot more fun. A first trailer came out for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 this week, and it makes the sequel look just as raucous, colorful, and goofy as the one that made everyone love the crew so much back in 2014. Vol. 2 comes out May 5th.

Transformers: The Last Knight

Anthony Hopkins narrates this first trailer for Transformers 5, and I would strongly suggest pretending like this is all some twisted extension of Westworld since that seems to make more sense than whatever is actually happening in the movie. Theoretically — though by no means certainly — this is Michael Bay's final entry in the series before it expands out into a full cinematic universe, Marvel-style. Good luck to us all. It'll be out June 23rd.

Sand Storm

Netflix has picked up Israel's entry for the 2017 foreign language Oscar, Sand Storm, which has already been winning awards all over. The film is about two women oppressed by coming marriages and the different ways they attempt to deal with it. Reviews have been great so far, and the film looks great too from this short trailer. It'll be out December 15th.

Lady MacBeth

This. looks. so. good. Lady Macbeth is an adaptation of an old Russian novel (set in the English countryside) about a woman who's in an unhappy and abusive marriage. A lot of the same things seem to happen in this that happen in every story that fits that description, but it seems like events take a very interesting and tense turn that’s a bit less expected, too. Also, the film looks to be just beautifully shot. It comes out starting June 2nd.

Fifty Shades Darker

I'm pretty sure almost everything sexy that happens in this trailer occurs in close proximity to liquids: pouring champaign, a shower, rain, another shower, more rain, oil, a pool, rain again. I mean, some of these things make sense, but I'm pretty sure things can be sexy when it's not raining / there's no danger of falling in a pool. It'll be out February 10th.


How on Earth can you make a Baywatch movie work in 2016? Maybe by making it very, very self aware. This is the first trailer for the upcoming Baywatch remake, which has Dwayne Johnson playing the straight man to a ridiculous Zac Efron. And while it's filled with all of the glistening bodies you'd expect, it’s also playing it all for laughs in a way that just might work. It'll be out May 26th.

The Mummy

What. is. even. happening? Is Tom Cruise the mummy? Is he? I think that's what this trailer is implying. That, or it's like, "symbolism?” Anyway, the new reboot of The Mummy looks completely insane from this first trailer. I'm upset that Brendan Fraser isn't in it, but I understand I might be the only one. It's out June 9th.

War for the Planet of the Apes

The rebooted Planet of the Apes films have so far been surprisingly nice standouts among a field of often-dull summer blockbusters, and this third entry seems like it may be no exception. Director Matt Reeves is back again for an installment that looks just as chilling — but a lot more action packed (see: "war" in the title) — than the last. It'l be out July 14th.

Assassin's Creed

The plot of Assassin's Creed is truly ridiculous, and it seems to make for one heck of a movie trailer. I don't know if this movie will be any good or make any sense, but it sure has a lot of cool sets, locations, smoke bombs, and other effects that make it worth watching for at least these two and a half minutes. It'll be out December 21st.

The Circle

Tom Hanks just got out of one Dave Eggers adaptation, and now he's hopping right into the next — and The Circle certainly looks like the better of the two. The Circle is basically about an evil, dystopian Google releasing a device that monitors everyone at all times that people willingly choose to keep with them. It's fictional, but... you know. It'll be out April 28th.