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Super Nintendo World is coming to Universal Studios Japan by 2020

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super nintendo world

Nintendo announced a tie-up with Universal Studios last year, and since then it's been confirmed that the parks in Osaka, Orlando, and Hollywood will eventually see areas with Nintendo-themed attractions. Now the company has revealed details for the first of these themed areas: Super Nintendo World will come to Osaka's Universal Studios Japan.

Nintendo says that Super Nintendo World will feature “attractions based on many Nintendo titles.” The picture posted above looks pretty heavy on Mario imagery, but then it doesn't look very crowded, so anyone who's been to Universal Studios Japan will probably assume that some degree of artistic license is being employed.

As for a timeframe, Nintendo says the area is planned to open before the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, which is a pretty long time to wait for what is likely to be the greatest achievement in the history of humanity. Who knows what Nintendo consoles we'll even be playing by then?