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Trump campaign now selling “Inaugural Membership Cards”

Trump campaign now selling “Inaugural Membership Cards”


Trump is still clubbing

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Over the summer, the Trump campaign was roundly mocked for raising funds by hawking Gold Executive Membership Cards. It was unclear what a card bought, but according to the campaign it marked its carrier as a “generous and loyal patriot” and a “true friend” of the Trump campaign.

According to the campaign, the cards first sold for $200, but by August, the price had dropped to $35.

Now it seems that even having won the presidential nomination, the Trump campaign is still raising funds selling membership cards.

Earlier today, the link on President-elect Trump’s Twitter bio sent visitors out to a page where the candidate’s campaign was offering “Official 2017 Inaugural Membership” cards to those willing to pay $35 or more. Though his bio no longer links to that page, it is still accessible here.

The page features the following unlisted YouTube promotional video, uploaded on December 9th.

Cast in presidential blue, the Inaugural card is, admittedly, more discrete than the gaudy Executive card. And where as the latter was “Authorized by the Future President of the United States,” the former comes signed by “President Donald Trump.”

But fundamentally, both cards offer the same thing: nothing.