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Adobe Photoshop is now compatible with the MacBook Pro Touch Bar

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When Apple showed off its new MacBook Pro in October, one of the major applications it highlighted for the Touch Bar was Adobe Photoshop. Today Adobe announced that an update for Photoshop that enables Touch Bar support is now available.

Once you've updated, there are three major forms of interacting with the Touch Bar in Photoshop: Layer Properties, Brushes, and customizable Favorites. Layer Properties allows for quick access to features like Smart Objects, masking, and clipping; Brushes allows you to easily adjust brush color, size, hardness, and opacity using draggable sliders; while the Favorites section can be customized to offer a variety of quick actions.

The Touch Bar Photoshop update is available now for all Creative Cloud subscribers. More information, including the full list of Photoshop Touch Bar functions, can be found on Adobe's support page here.