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You can now make video calls over Slack

You can now make video calls over Slack

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Slack introduced voice calls in March with the promise that video calling would soon follow. Now, nine months later, the company is finally rolling out a video calling feature that’ll allow up to 15 people to chat simultaneously for companies on Slack’s paid plans. Free users will only be able to make direct calls.

To access video calling, users just have to click the phone icon — like they would to make a voice call — and then click the camera button to turn on video. Video calls will also let participants respond with emoji, like a thumbs up to show they agree with whatever’s being said. These emoji will temporarily float over a user’s video and play a sound.

Video calls will roll out over the next few days and will be available on the latest Windows and Mac app, as well as on Chrome. Mobile app users can join video calls but they’ll only be able to speak and listen — video won’t display on either end.

Slack is also compatible with third-party video apps, like Hangouts and Zoom, and those calls can be made through Slack. Now go forth and spam your colleagues with video calls.