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You can now bookmark Instagram posts to look at later

You can now bookmark Instagram posts to look at later


Seems potentially creepy?

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I recently moved into a new apartment, and Instagram has been a useful tool for gathering interior decoration ideas and inspirations. When I come across a cool wallpaper or clever storage setup, I simply like the post and find them all neatly displayed in my Liked Photos tab.

And while I’m sure Instagram’s new feature — which now allows you to bookmark posts to view later — has a similar intent, something about it seems just a touch creepy.


An app update today will bring a bookmark button under each Instagram photo. You can click on it to save the post and send it off to a gallery that only you can see at a later time. It’s essentially a curated version of Liked Photos.

Consider your inner stalkers enabled

There are many people like myself who use Instagram in lieu of Pinterest — if you’re already using it to catalog your digital life, why bother signing up for another account on yet another app, right? But many of these same people also use Instagram as a means to downright stalk people, and the ability to bookmark a whole gallery of said people is basically screenshot creeping made easy. Instagram tells us you will not be notified if someone has bookmarked your post.

It’s human to browse through your crush’s Instagram feed, it’s definitively weirder if you’re then bookmarking his selfies but only the ones where he’s holding a cat. I know Instagram means well, but man, consider your inner stalkers enabled.