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Apple’s new Support app is a one-stop shop for appointments and advice

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Apple has launched its dedicated iOS support app in the US. An early version of the app was leaked back in 2015 and appeared in other markets earlier this year; now, though it’s available to download from the App Store.

The app is named Apple Support, and does, well, exactly what you’d expect. Once downloaded, you can use it find out information about your registered Apple products; browse guides and tutorials on subjects like iCloud and photo editing; and schedule repairs and appointments at local Apple Stores. You can even message, call, or email staff straight from the app, as well as get guidance for common problems like forgotten Apple IDs or poor battery life.

The Apple Support app lets you register your devices and schedule repairs.

As noted by TechCrunch, which first spotted the app on the US store, it’s possible that Apple Support will take the place of the company’s Tips app. And by “possible” we mean “we very much hope so.” Tips was launched with iOS 8 but is probably ignored by most users. Too inconspicuous to attract the people who might need it; too banal to interest anyone else. Putting guides into an app with a definite function (booking Apple Store repairs) is a much better way to go.