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Facebook says ‘of course’ it wouldn’t build Muslim registry

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Facebook would not help build a registry of Muslims — or, presumably, any other group — and it has not been asked to do so, the company said in a statement today to The Verge.

No one has asked us to build a Muslim registry, and of course we would not do so.

A Facebook spokesperson had previously called the registry, which was originally proposed by President-elect Trump during the campaign, a “straw man,” or a sham argument designed to be defeated, in an email accidentally sent to a reporter at BuzzFeed. The email, which was meant to be sent only to a colleague at Facebook, went on to say that the best course of action was to ignore the inquiry about the Muslim registry.

However, once that email was sent to a reporter, pressure on Facebook to publicly declare that it wouldn’t assist in building a registry began to build with some users threatening to deactivate their Facebook accounts if the company continued its silence. Several weeks ago, The Intercept asked Facebook and a number of other tech companies about the issue, with most ignoring the question.