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You can now control Netflix using Google Home

You can now control Netflix using Google Home


And Google Photos, too

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Google has added support for Netflix to its home assistant Google Home — just in time for a bit of holiday binge-watching. You’ll be able to ask Home to play specific series, skip episodes, pause and resume playback, turn on captions, and even rewind the show you’re watching if you missed what was just said.

To get started you’ll need the latest version of the Google Home app, and a Chromecast plugged into your TV. In the Home app go to Devices > Home > Settings > More > Videos and Photos and link your Netflix account to your Google one. After that’s done, just say “OK Google, Watch Stranger Things [or insert show of your choice here] on Netflix” to get started.

And as well as Netflix support, Google Home now works with Google Photos, too. Again, you’ll need a Chromecast and to link your accounts in the Home app, but with that done you’ll be able to throw any of your saved images up onto the big screen. You can use voice commands to filter down the photos you’re looking at to any category that Photos supports, such as places (“Ok Google, show photos from Paris on my TV”) and people (“Show photos of me on my TV”). Full instructions on how to set this up are available here.

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