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Spend the holidays with the noisy ghosts in a Marvel superhero’s empty apartment

Spend the holidays with the noisy ghosts in a Marvel superhero’s empty apartment

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Many people will be spending the holidays alone this year. Whether that’s because of logistics, finances, the cruelties of fate, or the ascension of an incompetent racist nightmare tearing your family into factions, your best friends, Marvel and Coca-Cola, would like to help.

To that end, they’ve posted hour-long videos of fires crackling ominously in the empty living rooms of Captain America’s Brooklyn townhouse, Thor’s weird stained-glass-covered Asgard home, Iron Man’s ritzy Manhattan apartment, the Guardians of the Galaxy spaceship (complete with a toy Baby Groot), and Ms. Marvel’s New Jersey house. If you pick Thor’s house, your cozy evening will be soundtracked by the howls of wind outside. (Ghosts?) Occasionally, there are eerie green flashes of light. Something also lunges into the corner of the frame for half a second at 29:30 — potentially the thumb of a production assistant who has since been fired, or a hungry Asgardian ghost successfully slipping in.

lonely? try captain america’s empty apartment

If you pay close attention to these videos, you’ll probably catch some other small changes. And if that five hours is fun for you, I suggest some Netflix slow TV (knitting or snowing, in particular) as a follow-up binge.

It’s nice to know that even if we have nothing else nice anymore, at least people can sit next to a fake fire (in 4K!) for as long as they like (one hour at a time!), surrounded by the personal belongings of an imaginary superhero. And if you want to drink some hot chocolate, nobody will stop you. Because nobody is there. Happy holidays!