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Chevy shows off its autonomous Bolt EV as testing begins in Michigan


General Motors will begin testing its autonomous Chevrolet Bolt EV in Michigan, expanding a program that started earlier this year in San Francisco and Scottsdale, Arizona. Chevy also released the first official pictures of its autonomous testing rig, complete with a double dose of LIDAR sensors sticking up from the roof like a pair of lobster antennae.

The program will see autonomous Bolt EV’s manufactured at the same assembly plant in Michigan where the standard Bolt EV and Chevy Sonic are currently built. However, the autonomous versions will include LIDAR, cameras, sensors, and other hardware to allow the cars to drive themselves. Testing will occur both at GM’s Technical Center campus in Warren, Michigan, and on the roads in Metro Detroit thanks to a new suite of regulations recently passed by the state of Michigan.

GM has been working with Lyft, which it invested $500 million in earlier this year, to develop self-driving Chevy Bolts that will go into service in a few years time. GM also acquired Cruise Automation this year to help bolster its autonomous expertise.