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Apple will charge you $69 to replace a lost AirPod

Apple will charge you $69 to replace a lost AirPod

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We now know precisely how much each of Apple’s little wireless earbuds is worth: $69. As Apple Insider noticed this morning, that’s the charge for replacing a lost AirPod, the new Bluetooth variation of Apple’s EarPod headphones. Apple’s service pricing page goes over all the details of repairing or replacing AirPods; the one-year limited warranty covers problems like a defective battery. Otherwise, you’ll be spending $69 to repair or replace an earbud or the charging case they come with. Battery service, which might be necessary as the headphones age, costs $49.

The $159 AirPods went on sale earlier this week, and they’re currently shipping in limited quantities. I’m not sure I have ever seen a major wearable device that looked more terrifyingly precarious. It feels good to at least place a numerical value on my fear.

Update 6PM: This may go without saying, but one reminder: in order to use the headphones, you need to initially pair your phone with the charging case. (You also need the case for, well, charging them.) If you convince Apple to sell you two individual AirPods in hopes of saving $20, you will be sorely disappointed, and you’ll come out having spent $207 for the full package.

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