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Super Mario runs, Uber drives, and Star Wars continues

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This week on Vergecast

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Everyone was in New York this week, so we had a jam-packed studio with Nilay, Dieter, and Paul, along with culture reporter Megan Farokhmanesh and transportation reporter Andrew Hawkins. Megan joins us on Vergecast for the first time to talk about what dominates the site this week: Nintendo’s new mobile game Super Mario Run, and the new Star Wars film Rogue One (no spoilers). Meanwhile, Andrew enlightens us on what is going on in the world of self-driving cars: Uber’s autonomous cars in San Francisco, and Google’s new car company Waymo.

There’s a lot more along with that so hit play and drive.

02:21 - Super Mario Run

14:41 - Rogue One

23:16 - Uber / Google self-driving car news with Andrew Hawkins

45:39 - Lightning round (kinda) starts here

45: 48 - Apple TV app

54:48 - AirPods

58:17 - Paul’s weekly segment “Speaking of Things You Can’t Buy”

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