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David Lynch eats a donut to get you excited for Twin Peaks

David Lynch eats a donut to get you excited for Twin Peaks

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David Lynch has continued his run of using trailers to tell us very little about the much-anticipated next season of Twin Peaks, releasing a short clip over the weekend that showed him contemplatively munching on a donut. The clip serves to show us that Lynch will be reprising his role as regional FBI chief Gordon Cole in the Showtime series, due out next year, but says nothing else about the upcoming show's story or what some of the odd additions to the cast list will be doing.

The new clip comes after a similarly tight-lipped promo released in October, in which the actors involved in the new series — including original stars Kyle MacLachlan, Miguel Ferrer, and Kimmy Robertson — talked about their excitement for the new series but neglected to provide plot details. It looks like we'll have to make do with lingering shots of donut-eating directors until 2017, then, when the new Twin Peaks arrives on Showtime. That's not a problem: Twin Peaks just wouldn't be Twin Peaks if it wasn't cryptic, weird, and slightly unsettling.